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Below is some of my work from ST2

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VIEW - OP9 (2.0mb)
VIEW - OP9 Tippett Final (2.2mb)
Outpost Perimeter, Shot op9 - As troopers run back to safer areas behind bug walls, a warrior bug impales a trooper slamming him into the ground and tossing him back into the storm.
Comp Live action plate with a real trooper falling down and switching to a cg trooper on the bugs claw. The shot was layered with tons of 2d dust elements traveling through the frame to give the feeling that they were in a storm, as the plate was shot on stage entirely clean. As the bug enters frame the troopers are shooting It up, so each time the bug takes a hit I’ve added blood and gun blast impacts to match.
Zulu Alpha, Shot za1x -
Outpost Exterior, Shot oe1 -

VIEW - sp3 (2.20mb)
VIEW - sp3 Breakdown (6.24mb)
with VFX Supervisor Eric Leven
Spy Bug, Shot sp3 - Trooper yanks out the creepy spy bug from the head of an unfortunate soldier.
Comp The plate was shot with the actor pulling up a ball of green tape with a tail to represent the CG spy bug. I used a tag channel to tuck the fingers of the actor at the head of the shot, added a blood element as he pulls up, and the shot needed multiple animated corrections during the swing of the tail to feel in the plate. Once we start moving up to reveal the bug, I generated and matched the light wrap and bloom from the light behind. As we reach the top of the bug, roto and animation for each finger from the actor was needed to feel as if he was gripping the bug and not a ball of green tape. This proved to be the most challenging part of the shot. Rebuilding fingers from other parts of the footage was required.

VIEW - za10 (3.73mb)
Zulu Alpha, Shot za10 - After a trooper trips and falls he looks up to see that they have made it to the abandon outpost...
Comp This shot contains a FG green screen plate of the skeleton in front of a ridge, and the BG miniature Outpost. The FG plate starts off looking at the skeleton and tilts up to reveal the outpost. A matte was extracted as well as stabilization for fairly bumpy plate. The miniature was a lock off, so matching the timing, movement, and lens distortion of the FG plate was achieved for the tilt.
The director wanted the BG to start off very occluded by the storm, moments of something back there, but otherwise no idea, so the layering of many 2d dust elements, more subtle in the FG and more dense in the BG. I layered dust elements with varying speeds to give more sense of scale. Once we tilt up, we wanted a reveal for the outpost so the build up and carve away of storm dust and then the flash of a huge lightning strike. The composition, look, and timing of all the lighting in the shot was done by hand with shake’s quickpaint. The storm in the behind the outpost in this shot is off in the distance charging forth toward the outpost in a large cresting wave shape, treatments of atmospheric depth, internal and external lightning strikes, color corrections, etc.

VIEW - za11 (1.08mb)
Zulu Alpha, Shot za11 - This is a miniature plate shot low angle looking up approaching the outpost as troopers run to seek refuge inside.
Comp This shot was challenging due to the nature of the camera move. As you advance and approach a large object the outpost in this case, the background will appear to drop down frame, but we needed the storm to continue to advance and rise as we approached. So a balance of what really happens in camera and 2d transforms of the storm behind the outpost was achieved for this shot.
This is a POV shot from one of the soldiers approaching the outpost, so what I did to get a natural mixture of handheld shaky feel with the running sway and bob movements of a trooper, was to track the eyes of the actress in the shot that precedes this one. This gave me a great curve to manipulate and tweak for the shot.
Similar layering of 2d dust elements and storm treatments were achieved in this shot as well.

VIEW - za12 complete shot (2.51mb)
VIEW - za12 as cut in the movie (3.62mb)
Zulu Alpha, Shot za12 - (description to come) - Check out the ZA12 extra feature from the DVD shot breakdown for ZA12 with commentary by Eric Leven our VFX Supervisor on ST2 - HERE (17.8mb)

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